Artificial Intelligence (MMFS-AI)

Mesoscale Forecast System

Intelligent Weather Impact Forecasts

MMFS-AI is a suite of artificial intelligence deep-learning tools. These tools range from severe weather applications to winter weather applications. These tools are fed and trained by the MMFS deterministic and ensemble models.

Tornado Prediction Model

The MMFS-AI TPM is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence model that predicts tornado development and intensity between 12 and 36 hours in advance. The TPM training system is a deep neural network that uses hundreds of MMFS-R outputs to produce localized tornado forecasts. The TPM has been trained using dozens of severe weather events over the past decade, with each event being run through the MMFS-R to generate quality inputs that are applicable to new forecasts. The neural network considers temporal and spatial aspects of the atmosphere to best predict where a tornado is most likely, and if that tornado will be strong (EF2) or not.