Mesoscale Forecast System

HazCast: Advanced Long-Range Severe Weather Forecasting

AtmoSphere Analytics introduces HazCast, an innovative long-range weather forecasting model that redefines the boundaries of severe weather prediction. HazCast harnesses the power of both private and public numerical weather data, delivering forecasts for tornadoes, severe wind, and severe hail up to 120 hours into the future at 3-hour intervals.

Pioneering Long-Range Forecasting

HazCast stands at the forefront of meteorological innovation, offering precise and reliable forecasts well into the future. By combining a vast array of data sources, HazCast provides a comprehensive view of potential severe weather events, empowering users with the knowledge they need to prepare effectively.

Integrating Diverse Data for Accuracy

At the heart of HazCast lies a sophisticated integration of both private and public numerical weather model data. This unique blend ensures that HazCast utilizes the most accurate and up-to-date information available, resulting in highly reliable forecasts.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Extended Forecast Range: With predictions extending up to 120 hours ahead, HazCast provides ample time for preparation and response to severe weather events.
  • Regular Interval: Forecast interval of 3-hour intervals, HazCast offers consistent and current forecasting, essential for detailed planning and response strategies.
  • Comprehensive Severe Weather Predictions: Specialized in forecasting tornadoes, severe wind, and severe hail, HazCast is an indispensable tool for managing risks associated with these phenomena.
  • User-Centric Design: HazCast is designed for ease of use, ensuring that complex data is presented in an accessible and actionable format.

Ideal for Varied Applications:

  • Emergency Management Agencies: Plan and prepare for severe weather events well in advance with reliable and detailed forecasts.
  • Weather Forecasting Services: Enhance your weather prediction capabilities, offering your audience and clients a long-range view of potential severe weather.
  • Public Safety and Preparedness: Utilize HazCast to inform public safety strategies and community preparedness initiatives.

Revolutionizing Weather Forecasting

HazCast is more than a forecasting tool; it is a vital component in the proactive management of severe weather risks. Our dedication to integrating the latest in weather prediction technology with user-friendly design makes HazCast a game-changer in the field of meteorology.

Experience the new standard in long-range weather forecasting. With HazCast, you’re not just forecasting the weather; you’re charting a safer future.